Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cuerpo de Paz

Well, I've been in Guatemala for 21 days now! It's just about impossible to describe in a blog what it is really like here. The experience thus far has been amazing, eye-opening, humbling, and probably already life-changing. The past three weeks have been busy, busy, busy, but definately fun and completely worth it. My routine day (which is nice to be able to say that I now have somewhat of a routine) is basically 4-6 hours of Spanish class, which is coming along nicely, and 2-4 hours of technical training and getting my hands dirty. Once per week, all of the trainees come in to headquarters for group sessions of health, safety and security, and cultural training. I will have more posts coming in the next several weeks, but I am a little crunched for time at the moment, so this post will have to serve as a teaser for future posts that I'm sure will be full of interesting stories, profound realizations, amazing pictures, and quirky observances.


  1. I'm soooo proud of you! Stay safe!
    Love ya, Mom

  2. Thanks for blogging, your mom keeps us up to date, but I am going to love reading it for myself. I hope all is well there and you are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

    Jackie LeFevre

  3. I looked at the pics your friend posted. The country looks similar to Dominican Republic. Sounds like you are doing great. Don't worry the spainish will come - the longer you are there. Reading signs, talking to people and just every day life will help a lot. I'm glad they have a tutor for you. Why do you have to use a different name? Barrett doesn't pronounce good in spainish? Keep up the good work. We are looking forward to your blogs. Love you and praying for your health and safety.
    Auny Joy

  4. Barrett,

    We are so happy that you are representing Jacksboro on your great adventure.

    Stay safe and learn, so you can share EVERYTHING with all of us when you return!

    The Brian Isbell family

  5. Barrett or (Daavid) :)
    It was so good to hear from you. We are all so interested in what you are doing and it is great we have technology to be able to hear from you.
    We are praying for you and your group! Love and smiles! Phyllis

  6. Your pictures truly do humble us here. You are a special person to want to help these people. Your personality will truly shine,and we have no doubt you will make good friends with everyone.

    Jan Hanson

  7. Hi Barrett,
    Sounds like you are having alot of fun! Sounds like you are also working hard!!! Is the food good there? Would I like the food??
    Hope you are writing down all of your experiences! Miss you and love you lots!
    write when you can---be safe love Aunt Sueann

  8. Barrett, this is going to be so great to be able to keep up with you through this. Thank you for taking the time to do it. WOW! I could even tell funny stories about you and Daniel on this,and everyone could read them. HAHA! You are our prayer buddy this year, so I've been praying for you every day--usually more than once. We want you to have a wonderful adventure,learn lots,stay close to God, and be safe and healthy. That's what I will pray for daily!
    Lisa Deweber

  9. Nothing really going on. Britt has gone to see Zane, so we're keeping Zoe. We are hanging out around here for Labor Day, catching up on work,etc. Dad says he may cook. Missing ya...we need to be carrrying on with the exercise. I'll write more tomorrow. Love ya, Mom

  10. Went to church this morning. Watching your friend on "The Changling." I like that movie more since I feel I have a connection. You're not missing anything here. Brad called and said he had to work today and tomorrow. I've been organizing some drawers. (Dad doesn't know it, but I have a few organizing plans that involve him:) LOL... be glad you are missing that!!! Maybe we'll start walking... tonight??? Hurry and put some cool pics on here. Love ya lots, Mom

  11. We sure enjoyed the pictures! How is the weather? Are their seasons opposite of ours as it was in Honduras? I am so glad you have this blog. We will enjoy so much hearing from you and I know your parents will appreciate it so much. We are praying for you.

    Love ans smiles,

    Phyllis & Tommy

  12. Hey Barrett! Glad to see things are going great! We wish you lots of luck. Take tons of pictures. What a neat experience!

    Todd and Amelia

  13. Are you the same kid that wouldn't go outside to built forts with me because it was too hot? Just wanted to sit inside with the a/c on and watch movies all day. Good thing you had me in your life to toughen you up. I hope everything is going great down there. You are a lot tougher than me now, because I don't think I could do what you are doing. Make sure you take care of yourself and go easy on those ladies. They have never meant a Barrett before. I love ya man

  14. Hey Barrett,
    I thought we might hear from you tonight... guess you were busy. I pray everything is going well for you.

    Update on Big Bro. (even though you prob. don't care...) Natalie (the girl who lied about her age), Kevin (who is my first name) and Jordan (the blonde that Jeff liked) is left. Since I tried to hook you before you left, I thought you might like to know. It will all be over in a week and a winner will be chosen.

    Why don't you change your profile so that you can see who is following your blog?? I check it everyday to see if you've posted. I can't wait for pics.

    The "girls" say hi...arf, arf! We started covering the couches at night because they like sleeping on them so much. They NEED a bath... They liked it best when you did that. Does your host family have any pets?

    Have you gotten anymore mail? We love you lots. Take care of yourself and enjoy. Someday your Guatemala experiences will just be fond memories that you can tell your kids about!!!... and then of course I will want to tell them about all my experiences!!! LOL!...when they come to my house so that I can spoil them rotten... OKAY, I'll go now. Love ya, Mom

  15. Found your blog. Haven't really looked at it much yet, but thought I'd say hey. We're thinking of you and are pretty proud of what you are doing. Be sure and drink the water and eat the food.
    John L and Vanita

  16. Oh my...I just had to laugh at Daniel's comment because I started thinking about the church camp that you, Daniel and Grey went to and your mom changed cabins for y'all so you could have air conditioning!....or how you would hitch a ride home from school cause you didn't want to walk! Oh I love you!!! And sooo very proud of you and your adventure! Keep us "Barrett Fans" updated please!

  17. Hola mi mejor amigo! que tal? Como esta Guatemala?! estoy preocupado con escuela aqui. mis clases este semestre son dificil! lo siento que esto es mi primer puesto en su blog. necesito saber como puedo contactar usted por telefono alli. Como estan sus clases y sus companeros alli? Lubbock no es el mismo sin ti aqui! hasta luego. llamame tan pronto como sea posible!

  18. Hi Son, How's Guate? I heard from Brad today and he said he had a long conversation with you last night and you were doing well. I am glad you got to talk to Brad and hear you were well. I saw Daniel today at Herd's and he said he sent you a message also. I would send you a burger but it might be a bit rancid by the time you got it in the snail mail. Have you received our mail yet? You have a lot of family and good friends keeping you in their prayers. Brad and I are going to Benjamin Saturday to do a little dove hunting with the Meinzer's. It may rain us out, but I am sure there will be plenty of entertainment with Wyman around. I bet you can hear him screaming and laughing now. Mom said "Don't write a book", so I will go now. We love you. Keep in touch and be careful. DAD.

  19. Hey Barrett,
    Love the pictures! It looks beautiful there! It has rained here for 2 days! Does it rain there much? Write again soon! Stay safe.
    Love you Sueann and Gerald