Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh So Close!

Yesterday I recieved some good news! I had my final Spanish Language interview and I am officially an Intermediate Medio speaker, which is the level you have to achieve to be sworn in! I visited my site a week ago, I now understand what the meant about Scotland and the moon. It definately looks like Scotland or Ireland, very green, tons of grass and sheep, not many trees, crazy rocks sticking up out of the ground everywhere, very beautiful. The moon has to do with the climate, very cold at night, but when the sun is out in the middle of the day, very hot. The sun is very intense, but when the clouds roll in it gets cold in a hurry. Always wear plenty of layers and plan to remove and add layers with frequency as is necessary. I have my own house with two rooms, one to sleep in, one to cook in. I have a plancha (wood stove), and a propane stove as well. I will have electricity but no running water. The llano is known as "La Cumbre" and the people there are very friendly (muy amable), but very poor. My host family has a house next to mine that is also a two room house. They have nine children and all of the family shares one bedroom at night. It is sad to see the poverty that you only read about in books or see on the TV, and the reality of it never really sinks in until you are there. At the same time I am amazed by the people and their attitudes and outlooks on life. They all wear smiles on their faces and seem so eager to learn. I will have plenty of work to do and am excited to get started.


  1. Great news...passing your language test! Tech got a spanking today from A&M 52 to 30. We went to Britt's today, watched a Blue Angels air show, went to Grandbury, and went to Meme's for dinner. We all miss you! We are driving home now (with Zoe "breathing heavily" doen our backs.). Send your address because we have STUFF to send;-). Love ya lots! Mom

  2. WONDERFUL that you passed the Spanish Test. I knew you would. You will have so many stories and adventures to tell when you come home. I enjoyed your dad, mom, and Britt's visit recently. Geremy was here this past Thurs. night. Had an appt. with dr. to see about his hair transplant? doing well. Sueann was here and we shopped. She is at Haley's to go trick and treating with the kids. Joy and family are good...I loved all the pictures you sent..I have written several times and somehow I mess up and they don't go thru...Praying for you and miss you, MEME

  3. proud of you...and I miss you, your smile and your stories! So glad you are writing about a few!